Transp. pub. ovchip

Error: the passenger does not announce
his arrival as in a hotel or airport.

Compatible with user task action: prepaying.

Transp. pub. ovchip

No passenger actions.
Technology (chip) independent.

Transp. pub. ovchip

Using Internet.

Transp. pub. ovchip

Gekocht product
op ovchipkaart zetten.
[Put the product you bought
on your card.]
Task action of the passenger.

Transp. pub. ovchip

(Reis)tegoed verhogen [increase debit].
Opwaarderen [upgrade].
Contante storting [cash payment].
Automatische storting [automatic payment].

Transp. pub. ovchipAccount registreren.

Uw OV-chip beheren via Internet.
[Control your OV-chip using the Internet.]
Familiar terms.

Transp. pub. ovchipBasistarief [basic fee].

Instapkosten. Vaste (reis)kosten, opstaptarief,
startgeld, starttarief, begintarief. [starting fee]
User action related.

Transp. pub. ovchipCheck-in.

Voorschot betalen [prepayment].Common meaning for passengers.

Transp. pub. ovchipControle.[Check.]

Conducteur (heeft kaartje gezien).
[Guard (checked your ticket).]
That is what happenend.

Transp. pub. ovchipCoulance. [Indulgence.]

Vergoeding (voor fout vervoerder).
[Compensation for us making a mistake.]

Transp. pub. ovchipInstaptarief [entrance fee].

Instapkosten [entrance costs].That is what the meaning is.

Transp. pub. ovchipProduct activeren [activate product].

Product op de ovchipkaart zetten.
[Put the product you bought on your card.]

Transp. pub. ovchipReishistorie [Travel history].

Gemaakte reizen/trips [Trips made.].

Transp. pub. ovchipTransacties.

Betalingen [payments].That is what the passenger did.

Transp. pub. ovchipVaste voet [fixed level].

Instapkosten. Vaste (reis)kosten, opstaptarief,
startgeld, starttarief, begintarief, [starting fee].

Transp. pub. ovchip

Geschatte reiskosten.
Afrekening vergeten.[Estimated travel costs. ]

Transp. pub. ovchipReizen op saldo [debit travelling].

Prepaid (payer).Known concept (prepaid phone payer).

Transp. pub. ovchipCheck-out.Uncommon meaning for passengers.Afrekenen [(final) payment].That is what the users does.